Yesterday, as Jamie noted, Sarah Silverman offered to scissor Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson – who has committed $100 million to Mitt Romney’s campaign – if he’d donate it to Barack Obama’s campaign instead. Then she humped a puppy.  Here:

[youtube_iframe id=”2B5o6-qNk6Q”]

Look, I think a lot of this is funny. I think this is the kind of video that features the things that Sarah Silverman’s target audience loves (Judaism! Filthy jokes! Sarah Silverman in a bikini!) so it is a good video in terms of boosting her popularity. Smart move, Sarah Silverman.

I also want to point out that I think this is a really bad idea.

However, I also think that this is the kind of thing that will make more conservatives give to Romney, because all they will take away from it is “liberals are a bunch of sex crazed puppy-fuckers.” If you want to get people to donate more to Grand Old Party that prides themselves on upholding traditional wholesome values, probably any kind of video of you with your crotch against  a puppy offering to make a 78 year old billionaire come is the quickest way to do it.

And there is no chance in the world that Sheldon is going to leap up and say “scissor me, jewess!” The only thing that is going to happen as a result of this video is a bunch of republicans will shake their heads about how perverse liberals are.

Basically, I think this kind of video is really great for her, but considerably less great for the Democratic party as a whole.

And frankly, I’m just sort of weirded out by the bit with the puppy. Crotches are not where puppies belong.