crazy save the date video

Are you getting married at some point in the near future? You almost certainly sent out some type of save the date notice, possibly in the form of a postcard, email, or if you’re really a couple that lives on the edge, a fridge magnet. Well, your wedding is about to become completely irrelevant after you watch this unbelievably involved save the date video, nay, save the date trailer, which looks like it heralds a glossy high budget movie about two assassins who just love to party. No, seriously. Nobody will ever care about your wedding again. These two are not fucking around.

In the trailer for their “Boss Wedding,” lawyers Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz acted out a Kimye-level fantasy involving helicopters, cars that cost more than my college tuition, slow motion shots, and high energy club goers. I’m not super sure of the plot, but my understanding is that Obaro takes a number of different transportation options (including the helicopter) and finally makes it to a club where he sees Jentz. Cut to them holding hands outside City Hall. It’s all very full of slow motion, bright lights, thumping music, and all the fixings of a high profile, sexy action movie.

[vimeo video=”82483731″]

They went ahead and rated the whole thing PG-13 because why not, and this doesn’t strike me as the type of couple to allow kids at their wedding. I can’t wait to see how they handle all of life’s announcements: births, college acceptances, deaths. I would actually love for this couple to announce my death. But I want an R rating.

Look, I know that lawyers make a ton of money, so this shouldn’t really be a huge surprise. Except–how much did all that shit cost? I mean it’s truly hard to get my mind around that concept. These two had enough discretionary money to rent a helicopter and hire a very professional-looking production company to make this thing? Jesus Christ. I’m in the wrong line of work.

Photo: Vimeo