Going on a wedding diet sounds like a terrible idea. Am I the kind of person who drinks lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne to look nice in a dress? Hardly. That’s why I found it incredibly annoying when my fiance explained to friends and acquaintances over the last few months that we’re on one.

I complained about this slander against my character a few times, until last week when I mentioned it to Ashley at The Gloss and she informed me that I am on a wedding diet. Crap.

Planning a wedding is a time consuming, often painful roller coaster of events, customs and deadlines that need to be made. And from a distance, it is incredibly easy to look down on women in the midst of planning weddings. We even have an increasingly popular term for one who struggles with the task — the bridezilla.

But once you start down the path of planning a wedding, the road is littered with options (good and bad) available to you. And somewhere along the lines, you start choosing things you had no opinion on just months beforehand.

In this case, I just happened into a new diet, and I actually kind of love it.

It was mostly accidental. I have a habit of eating terrible food at work. I forget to take breaks for meals and end up wandering the streets at 4P looking for sustenance in close proximity. Often, what I choose to eat is bad for me and I don’t even particularly enjoy it. So I started searching for food I could bring with me to work. Especially hoping I’d start eating it before 4P.

I happened onto a page on Gizmodo about the 4-Hour Body. Strangely, Tim Ferriss has a 600 page book on this topic, but Gizmodo printed almost the entirety of the diet details from the book on one page.

It sounded intriguing, so I decided to give it a try. I’ve never been on a diet before. Mostly because I’m incapable of not eating when I’m hungry. And people will tell you repeatedly that portion/calorie control is the best way to lose/maintain weight. But on this diet, you can eat as much as you’d like of the food on the diet. Tim Ferriss didn’t invent the idea that carbs are problematic, but he gave me an easy enough cheat sheet so that I don’t have to think about what I eat every day.

And in the months leading up to my wedding, that’s actually been invaluable. When there’s just too much to get done in a day, it’s nice to spend zero time/effort thinking about what to eat.

When I started the diet, I made food and salads to bring to work. It was so ambitious! But I stopped having time to plan meals ahead (or go grocery shopping for dinner) about two months ago. At this point, I just know the places near my office and apartment that offer things I can eat, and I walk into one when I need food.

Between work and wedding planning, with all the things I’m crossing off lists, it’s been awesome having one less thing to worry about. The fact that I’ve lost some weight has been a bonus.

Last week I didn’t write a column because I was frantically putting together invitations with every spare moment of my time and trying not to tear the heads off of passersby on the street. (Why are paper products so difficult. And why. WHY didn’t the envelopes I purchased at Paper Presentations CLOSE PROPERLY?)

And while I’d rather not think of myself as the typical wedding obsessed bride-to-be, I like that my wedding is actually making me prioritize exercise and diet in a way I’ve never bothered with before. I feel better, I have more energy and I really like the ease of not worrying about what to eat. Hopefully I can keep up with that after the looming deadline of my wedding goes away…