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Turns out that money and status “breed disloyalty,” according to researcher Adam Galinsky (via Women’s Health). Not only that, but rich and powerful men are more likely to be hypocrites about their behavior:

“…scientists also found that wealthy men are hypocrites about cheating. “People in higher positions are more likely to cheat, yet they condemn others who do it because having money and power evokes entitled feelings'”

Lovely. Listen, I live in L.A. It doesn’t take much for me to conjure up a mental image of this type of guy, and I’m sure anyone who lives in any other urban setting could do the same. And frankly, if you have even the most remote ability to read people’s body language, the fact that a guy like that cheats shouldn’t really come as a surprise. It’s why a lot of women find dudes who flaunt their money very unattractive — because it often goes hand in hand with some other really, really unattractive behavior: paying more attention to their career than to your relationship, constantly checking out other women, and yes — feeling entitled to do all that and more.

And yet some women still marry these douchebags, and society still professes astonishment when they all turn out to be Tiger Woods. Or Tiki Barber. Or Michael Jordan. Or Kobe Bryant. Or Elliott Spitzer. Or Bill Clinton. Or Mark Sanford. Or John Edwards.

Need I go on? Are we really so lost in our fantasy of the perfect man, the perfect American, the squeaky-clean apple-pie-fucking patriot that we don’t see the pattern here? Surely not.

At this point, it’s more surprisng when they don’t cheat. There’s a headline for you: Famous Athlete Has Yet to Cheat on Wife. I won’t hold my breath.