"Sex and the City" theme weddings might be the next big thing!

If you think about the most romantic components of a marriage proposal, what comes to mind? The ultimate gesture of your fella on one knee? The 8.6-carat diamond? Or would it be the setting in which the oh-so important question is being asked? For one woman, that perfect setting was the actual set of the first Sex and the City movie.

Having seen every episode of the show not once but twice(!), Rachel Eddey was pumped to see that her boyfriend, John, was going to be working on the fashion show scene of the movie. As a big fan of the show, Eddey all but begged John to be an extra on that particular day of filming; he agreed to make it happen.

So there she was, living her “dream” to be an extra with Sarah Jessica Parker and company in the row in front of her for the Vivienne Westwood fashion show scene, when John takes to the runway to thank everyone for being there:

“Thanks to everyone for coming today,” John said, and I smiled. “Today is a special day for me because my girlfriend, Rachel, is in the audience. It was Rachel’s dream to be an extra in Sex and the City, and now I hope she makes my dream come true”–he was down on one knee at this point, an open Tiffany box in his hand–“by marrying me.”

At 26 Rachel was ready to settle down, but was waiting for John to be ready to pop the big question. Luckily for Eddey, John’s readiness happened to coincide with the shooting of the SATC movie in Bryant Park that day. Dreams do come true.

What followed is a bit foggy for Eddey since she was both shocked and ecstatic, but she does remember that “Sarah Jessica Parker rushed over to examine my new bling.” Obviously; that’s what Carrie Bradshaw would do.

How it is that your future partner is going to top such a proposal is anyone’s guess. There may be rumors of another Sex and the City movie, but we don’t know for sure, and it’s not as though everyone can be lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone who has such a job. Next best thing? Sex and the City theme weddings! Seriously.

All you need is posters for the backdrop (see photo above), some Cosmopolitans, a few friends who are willing to act out the characters and you’re good to go. It may not be a proposal from Big in the form of a shoe, but sometimes one has to make due when trying to make dreams happen.

Let’s hope to see some Breaking Bad-inspired proposals very soon. Blue Sky, anyone?


Photo: Rachel Eddey/HuffPo