Of course, I had to use a scene from Breathless.

Of course, I had to use a scene from Breathless.

The next time you’re about to utter the forever popular “I have a headache,” to get out of sex, stop where you are and come up with a better excuse. If you don’t want to fuck, that’s fine, but saying you have a headache just doesn’t fly. You want to cure a pain in your head, an orgasm is likely to do a better job than any amount of Advil.

I’m not sure where the rumor got started, or maybe it just seemed like the easiest response to a request for sex, but sex is GREAT for a headache. It’s even awesome for a migraine and a whole slew of other things. Yes, it does burn calories and is probably the most fun exercise you can have, but it eases so many other ailments and can even cure a thing or two.

Next time you feel an ache coming on, skip the pills. Either have yourself a proper romp, or pull out your vibrator. Orgasms make for a happy mind and body.

Photo: Studio Canal