On Friday, we posted an open thread asking which fetishes our readers consider to be deal breakers. This all stemmed from a rather horrible story about a man, a mommy fetish and an even creepier kid-related fetish that required some commiseration, which you lovely people supplied. While fetishes and kinks are a-okay in and of themselves (provided they’re fulfilled in safe, consensual manners), each of us as an individual has the right to rule out stuff we’re not into.

A number of you seemed to have similar aversions to specific fetishes, so we decided it might be fun to compile them into a list. Oh, and add some illustrative GIFs, because that’s how we roll when it comes to awkward situations.

1. Infantalism.

2. Asking to be called “papa” in bed.

3. Actually, just any relative’s title. Whatsoever.

4. Hand jobs.

5. Spankings.

6. Pee.

7. Scat play.

8. Strap-ons.

19 Fetishes That Are Automatic Deal Breakers For Our Readers, In GIFs


9. Balloon popping.

10. Feet.

11. Humiliation.

12. Exhibitionism.

13. Cannibalism.

14. Bathroom cannibalism. Hoo boy.

15. Talking like a baby.

16. Feederism.

17. Pinching.

18. 69. Because it’s pointless.

19. BLUEBERRY FETISHISTS. (Yes, really.)

An excerpt of our reader MissFelicia’s terrifying/amazing description:

The blueberry fetishist takes the cake though (google it!!!). I found it so bizarre, I actually roleplayed it with him via text. It started off like we were at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I was Violet, and I ate the three course dinner gum. I went through the whole describing of every course, right to the blueberry end. He got crazy excited as I texted him about my skin turning blue and swelling. The belt bursting part was key to his fantasy. When I reached full size, I needed to be rolled away to be juiced, which consisted of him pretending to fuck me to orgasm. It was a very strange experience for me, but a dream come try for him. As it turns out, you can buy blue blow up suits! There’s tons of fan art of this. I never would have thought this was a fetish if I hadn’t encountered it myself.

Fascinating. So fascinating. Also a definite deal breaker for me.