Meet Sara Hoots, everyone!

Here at The Gloss, we’re all about giving and receiving. As someone whose filthy mind is consistently in the gutter, I could make a sex-related pun here, but will take the adult route no matter how difficult it may be for me.

I’m talking about giving and receiving love, of course.

In case you’re late to the party, we have recently hooked up with Gurl because as we all know two is better than one especially when it comes to advice in the love and sex department. Enter: Sara Hoots of Gurl‘s video series “Sexy Times.” Sara is candid and honest in her advice on exactly how you should be tackling sex and all things sex-related. We’re all doing it, so if that’s the case we should be open about it and embrace ourselves as the sexual beings we are!

From masturbation to the intricacies of telling a guy just how and where you like it, Sara is your go-to gal on pretty much any topic. The best part is she does it all in a relatable fun way as opposed to some boring how-to manual that your grammy probably handed to your mom on her wedding night. With a feminist approach (read: we’re not sluts just because we want to get down and dirty), and a voice that rings true for young women everywhere, we’d like to welcome Gurl and Sara into the love lair that is The Gloss.

One can never have too many intelligent and open-minded women in their lives, so do yourself and your sex life a favor by subscribing to the “Sexy Times” channel and following the lovely Ms. Hoots on Twitter immediately.

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