So you went out last night and got a little more drunk and a little more frisky than you intended. First of all, good for you, defying societal norms and going out on a Monday night. Screw the world and everyone’s “jobs” to go to early in the morning. But back to your bad decisions.

Maybe it was a friend that you enjoy hanging out with but weren’t really planning on dating ever. Maybe it was a co-worker that makes you giggle during meetings. Maybe it was the bartender at your favorite hang-out who knows a little too much about your love life and your family drama. Whoever the lucky lad was, you two feel a little closer this morning. Like, ew you can feel his sweaty thigh pressing against yours, closer.

By the way, it isn’t at all weird that I know all these things about you and I’m writing a post on the Internet specifically for you.

The first instinct of any animal that gets cornered is to lash and attempt and escape. So don’t feel guilty if you barrel-rolled him out of bed and hid in the bathroom until he finally left. But now that you’ve had a couple cups of coffee and maybe a couple aspirin, you really need to decide how you’re going to handle the uncomfortable situation you’ve created. If this is a person that you ever have to see again, you’re going to need a game plan.

There are two basic approaches to dealing with an awkward hook-up: Clear the air or pretend it never happened. And they’re pretty self-explanatory too. In one, you talk to the other person, hopefully like a grown-up. In the other, you act like you have amnesia.

So let’s weigh the pros and cons of these approaches with the help of random pictures I find on Google image search.