Yes, this is how some men say "I love you."

Yes, this is how some men say “I love you.”

Who’s ready for a Sex and the City reference on this Friday morning? Oh, I am! Cool; let’s proceed.

So, there was that episode where Carrie was wondering if Big loved her. Shocking, right? The games with those two! They were preparing for a night out and Big gave her this god awful swan purse by Judith Leiber. Carrie, in all her “wondering,” wondered if Big could love her based on this gift he gave her. Was this his way of saying he loved her? Did he not know her at all? Who gives someone a fucking swan purse anyway?

Carrie and Big get in a fight at a party, she goes home with the waiter who, of course, is a famous artist downtown because they always are, and after this drama Big is forced to say what Carrie had been waiting for:

“Well, I fucking love you. All right? You know I do. But it’s just a tough thing for me to say because it always seems to get me in trouble… when I say it, OK?”

Then they break up a million times, the series ends, and two really bad movies follow.

For some men, especially those who are closed off emotionally, saying “I love you,” is one of the most difficult things in the world. Even if they’re head over heels for you, saying the actual words out loud, putting that phrase into the universe is both a risk and solidification that the relationship is real and more than just passing fling.

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