crying unhappy partner signsBeing in a relationship is hard work! There’s always another person around in your space, and you have to pay attention to their thoughts, worries, and desires. If not for the companionship, snuggling, conversation, and all the sex, being in a relationship would be kind of a lot to deal with. When it comes to all the disparate aspects of a relationship that one is supposed to remain on top of, judging a partner’s mood is particularly fraught, and it’s important to catch signs of unhappiness early before they turn into real problems.

OK, you could always just ask what your partner is feeling like a grown up and trust your partner to communicate with you if something were wrong. But if for some reason you have decided not to do that (perhaps you two have committed to a vow of silence for a year in an attempt to make your relationship stronger), here are 8 signs your partner is unhappy: