Earlier today, OkCupid sent out a bizarre email meant to encourage its users to go on Internet dates tonight on what idiots everywhere believe will be the last night of human existence as we know it. The email itself is sort of cutesy and tongue in cheek, although I’m pretty sure the jokey line “Jamie, do you want to die alone?” would have made me burst into tears back when I used to cry all the time over how lonely I was and always would be. (Other things that did this to me: Bright Eyes songs, alcohol, getting Valentine’s Day cards from my relatives.)

But anyone too sensitive to handle a joke about how they are like Gollum should feel cheered up by the email’s graphic, because it’s obviously a mistake, and a funny one at that. As you can see, the image depicts an astroid with Obama’s face on it crashing into Earth, destroying the Statue of Liberty, the US Constitution, and presumably all of humanity in the process. While I guess it’s possible that this person painstakingly photoshopped this Obama-stroid as a way of passive aggressively expressing their opinions to a liberal user base, it’s more likely that they just used whatever came up when they Google Image Searched the word “apocalypse” or what have you, failing to notice that this image was most likely created by the Tea Party.

Or maybe not! OkCupid seems to attract the kinds of liberals who just loooove to make fun of the other side for being so dumb and stupid (or at least that’s what I found in four years of on and off usage), so maybe they included it to give their users a chuckle. (Granted, I appreciate its ridiculousness as well.) The SNAFU has made it onto Gawker already, so let’s see what Ok Cupid has to say.

(Via Gawker)