wocave skinny cow

You know, I guess someone was eventually going to come up with the female equivalent to the man cave – a WoCave, if you will – and the low calorie frozen treat company Skinny Cow is on it.

Their website claims that a WoCave is a place where:

The men are scarce and the SKINNY COW® treats are abundant.

It could also be called “Your lady lair. She shack. Femme den. Gal corral.” All of which are fun names that rhyme!

But, look, if I was going to be locked in a world without men, I think it would take full flavor ice cream to satisfy me. I think my needs might get to be such that only high fructose corn syrup could put a mild dent in them.

However, Skinny Cow also promises that the WoCave will be filled with items like a “pretty pink pouf” and “Great lighting—harsh shadows are not your besties” and a “42” HDTV — rom com marathon tonight!”

Look. I am really traditional (by Gloss standards) (not by, like, Southern genteel lady standards) but even I am balking a little bit at the notion of sitting around on a pink pouf in dim lighting watching only The Notebook and Notting Hill. Especially if I am only going to be eating diet snacks. I’m sorry, I actually really like Skinny Cow products, but they’re not going to taste like full calorie ice cream. If I have to do that, I want full calorie ice cream.

However, if my Gentlewoman Abode can come with martinis, some Bette Davis movies and a closet full of really well tailored dresses, well, bring it on.

Picture via Skinny Cow