What is it about spring that drives us out of our offices and homes and into parks, outdoor cafes and backyards? Now that the sun is shining we can take our cute dresses and sandals out of hibernation and start to prepare for the perfect season for dating. From walks through public parks to romantic roof picnics, spring is about having fun, finding love and being ready for everything.

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And after your date, show off just how spontaneous and Ready For Everything you are by entering your photos in Skintimate Studios ™ Ready for Everything Photo Contest. You could win a glamorous trip to New York City where you’ll star in a professional photo shoot by celebrity photographer Eva Mueller, and be featured in In Touch and Life & Style. In addition, 20 finalists will win a new Canon PowerShot camera and tons of great Skintimate products.

But first, check out our top five date ideas for spring. What are your favorite things to do with a significant other when the weather turns warm? Share them in the comments below.

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