nicole snooki polizzi gay son

While at an event hosted by The Trevor Project, an organization that’s dedicated to preventing LGBTQ suicide, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley said some, er, questionable things about the gay community. First, Snooki’s quote:

“Me and Jenni weren’t exactly the best role models. But now that I’m a mom, I’m so grateful for The Trevor Project to support the LGBT youth so they have someone there for them because I’m praying I have a gay little boy one day.”

I won’t lie, I always get a little irked when people become stoked on a cause — like feminism or teen suicide — and attribute it to having kids. These are human issues, and while they may be enhanced if you have a family member to whom they apply, they should matter regardless. But still! It’s the “praying I have a gay little boy” thing that actually bothered me. More on that momentarily.

Jenni said this about she and Snooki’s views on protecting gay people:

“We’re huge supporters of the LGBT community…so we would do anything to help them and protect them. We feel like moms when it comes to our gays — we really do.”

I do not like when people say, “Oh, the only guys I like are gay” or “my gay BFF is the best for shopping.” I do not like shows where gay characters are like sidekicks who are always allowed to comment on straight characters’ lives, answering questions on clothes and boyfriends, but never shown experiencing anything for themselves. This bizarre portrayal of gay people being (A) somehow all easily categorized and (B) being like little talking chihuahuas to visit Fashion Island with is absurd, insulting and outdated.

“Praying” for a gay son makes it sound like you’re hoping that someday, you’ll get a Ferrari that’s in the exact color you want it to be. It also presumes that her existing son Lorenzo is not gay, and considering his ripe old age of 10 months, I have a feeling that aspect of his life isn’t exactly clear as day yet. It’s singling out a sexuality as some sort of addendum to a personality, like a little sparkly accessory that completes the Mom outfit.

Look, I have no doubt that Snooki’s heart was in the right place. Seriously: I support just about any celebrity who believes in equal rights for all. But I also hope the way we all discuss LGBTQ rights can consistently acknowledge that individuals, regardless of sexuality, are individuals and should be spoken about as such — that straight people are not somehow the keeper of the keys, nor “the moms,” of non-heterosexuals.

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