Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping? Hanukkah is almost over and you didn’t get anyone gifts for that either? Ugh. You’re such a procrastinator.

While you may try to justify this behavior as being charming or simply your “thing,” the fact remains that you’re running out of time to get all that buying of holiday presents taken care of; the clock is ticking, people.

But one of the best things about procrastinators is they’re a breed of their own and there are many who walk among us. These types are so prevalent, in fact, that they could even be found this past week looking for last-minute shopping buddy dates on HowAboutWe. And there’s nothing quite like two procrastinators finding each other in the chaos of the world so they can proceed through this life sharing the same habit that others might declare “bad.” Bad habits and their owners were made to find their other half.

Here are a few last-minute shopping dates that we found on HowAboutWe in the last couple days. Nothing says love like someone agreeing that midnight Christmas Eve is the best time to do all that holiday shopping.

Is Chelsea Market the place to pick up a fellow single or what? Well, you probably won’t know until you shuffle your stuff over to TheGloss dating page and accept one of these dates.