Ladies, there’s a trend happening out there that you may not know about, and it is called “having an orgasm in the middle of your yoga class.”

Apparently it’s not uncommon. An article in the Daily Beast — which is worth the read, if only because it’s rife with hilarity — reports that:

Rumors of the elusive yoga orgasm have circulated for years, but recently, teachers and students have begun discussing the phenomenon more openly. Sex researchers are also honing in on the subject: “It’s another way that a woman can bring herself to orgasm without touching herself,” says sexologist Dr. Jeffre TallTrees.

It isn’t that surprising that yoga orgasms are becoming more talked about. Sex is more talked about. And yoga is more talked about. So it follows that sex during yoga would be more talked about.

Regardless, the article goes on to say that part of the phenomenon of a “yogasm” can be explained by the fact that yoga encourages practitioners to work their pelvic muscles, and in doing so, women in particular can get themselves off. Of course, it doesn’t seem to hurt that one of the teachers who is helping women achieve these totally coincidental, purely yoga-related orgasms happens to be a “toned and tattooed” young man with a penchant for pressing himself gently but firmly over his female students:

In New York City, a woman who chose to remain nameless talked to The Daily Beast about experiencing a yoga orgasm at Pure Yoga, a fancy studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side owned by the Equinox fitness chain. “I was in lotus pose, focusing on breathing and lifting the muscles of my pelvic floor,” she said. She wasn’t prepared for what happened after her instructor pressed his body against her back and synchronized his breath with hers, lifting her ribs as she inhaled, and pushing down on her thighs as she exhaled. “I was tingling all over!” she gushed.

The teacher, Marco Rojas, is a famous name in New York City’s yoga circuit…Rojas gives classes that are often packed with women hoping to get some hands-on instruction. He’s not afraid to get up close and personal with his students, giving them a whiff of his patchouli body odor, and quietly urging them in his Venezuelan accent to “lift” this or “engage” that.

But Rojas or no Rojas, I frankly feel a little torn by this yogasm revelation. I’m all for women having tons of orgasms, but is yoga class really the place to do it? I don’t want to look over to the mat on my left and see some chick quivering with ecstasy any more than I want to see a dude blowing a load into his pants. (In fairness, the article says it’s less likely that a man will achieve yogasm than a woman. But still.)

Granted, it seems like most of the women affected by this spontaneous burst of animalistic joy have it happen by accident. A number of teachers are quoted in the article as saying that their students come up to them later to express their surprise and ask if coming in class is acceptable:

“I’ve had women come up to me, usually very embarrassed and freaked-out, and ask, ‘Is this normal? Is this allowed? Is this irreligious?'”, [says yoga teacher Kelly Morris.]

So, the answer is yes, physiologically it makes sense that you’d come in yoga (when there’s a hot Venezuelan dude pressed assertively against your back). But we’d ask that if you feel a wave of sexual pleasure coming over you in the middle of your downward dog, consider the woman to your right, hold the thought, and release once you’re in the privacy of your own home.