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You’re going to want to start following “Yes, you’re sexist” on twitter, because it’s fantastic. The twitter account retweets people who begin phrases “I’m not sexist, but…” to illustrate that yes, they definitely, 100% are sexist. They are completely sexist. You’ll find tweets like:

RT ‏@marieejoce: I’m not sexist, but when I see a dude getting a pedicure/manicure I immediately think “faggot”.

To which I not only think, “you are sexist,” but also, “you are a horrible person,” or, on second thought, “You are a horrible person and you probably have dirty feet.”

Or gems like:

MT @zcolpitts96: I’m not trying to sound sexist but whenever I’m in a car and a woman gets behind the wheel I feel scarred for my life.

I am half amazed that anyone could tweet that and think, “This is not a sexist statement,” and other half amazed that, “This is an individual who can feel scarred. Emotionally. He must be very in touch with his bumpy little feelings.”

And then there is:

MT @Laffin_Krish: Not to sound sexist but all women should be clutch cooks, especially if you wanna hav sons.

I don’t know how women’s ability to be clutch cooks affects their ability to produce male heirs, but I’m sure it sort of does. Unless by Hav sons, he is referring to the disease involving nerve damage that afflicts some industrial workers (those who work on machines that vibrate).

So, we basically learn that men don’t think women can drive, or that men can enjoy beauty rituals, and that being a good cook is directly related to producing strong sons, but… no one thinks they’re sexist. These people all think that they’re sensible and progressive.


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