Yesterday, Jennifer made sure none of us would ever be jealous of 1% wives again by making a very convincing argument that what Ann Romney “does” is nothing but a particularly lucrative, longterm, and emotionally draining kind of sex work. (Let’s call it “The Wife Experience.”) This struck me as fairly unappealing, but what do actual sex workers think of the arrangement? Is humanoid piggy bank Mitt Romney an appealing person to work for, or would they prefer someone…younger? Someone cooler? Someone who believes in reproductive rights, perhaps?

Well, let’s look at the statistics. Sugar daddy “dating” site recently polled its users on this very question (Romney vs. Obama), and Barack Obama won in a landslide, with 34% of users saying they’d like to get with him and only 12% going for Romney. According to CEO Brandon Wade, “most women say they chose Obama because he is more trustworthy, charismatic and sexy,” as well as being “funny” and “known to be a good dancer.” Many described Romney, on the other hand, as “vanilla.”

These results might be accounted for by the fact that Obama consistently beats Romney among female sex workers (duh), but then again, if sugar babies refused to have sex with Republicans, their business would probably suffer a great deal. Maybe they just like the idea of dating the president. Or someone with a personality.

I am, however, heartened by the fact that a whopping 43% responded “neither,” because it shows that sugar babies (and sex workers in general) are more selective than a lot of people think. Just because you’re being compensated for your “time” doesn’t mean you lack all standards.

(Via Buzzfeed Shift)

Photo: WENN