killerIf you met someone online through one of those dating website, and the person not only ended up being a fucking whackjob, but tried to kill you, would you sue the site? And if you did, for how much would you sue? What is your life worth to you?

In 2010, Mary Kay Beckman decided to try her hand at the online dating game. After just two months on she met Wade Ridley whom she dated a few times before calling it off. In 2011, he broke into her garage, stabbed her at least 10 times, then stepped on her head when the knife broke. When the cops finally arrived he actually admitted to them that he was there to kill her. The man didn’t just want to maim her, he, for whatever reason (he didn’t take his anti-psychotic meds?), wanted her dead.

While Beckman was in the hospital healing from her near-death encounter, Ridley committed suicide in jail where he’d been since his conviction of assaulting Beckman. The extra scary part to all this is, at the time of his death, he had a murder under his belt — another unsuspecting single woman looking for love whom he’d also met on

OK, before we get any further can we all just *facepalm* for second? I’ve never been on, but there isn’t some sort of background check? I can understand there not being much of a check for free sites like OKCupid, but I thought that Match, like eHarmony and the rest of them, charged money and therefore it was their obligation to provide a safe environment for singles to meet other singles without having to fear for their life. Was I wrong in this assumption?

Back to the story.

So, here we are a couple years later and Beckman, who’s now in a fantastic relationship with someone she did not meet online and is back up to par physically, thinks someone needs to pay for not only her experience, but the death of the other woman; Ridley certainly isn’t paying for it since he took the easy way out.

Well, businesses that are all about making money don’t have literal jugulars, so the next best thing is their wallet, right? Beckman is asking for the whopping sum of $10 million in damages for her physical and emotional pain. I’m not sure what a life is worth, or if you can even put a price on it, but that’s a hefty sum for which to be asking from a company like You know, a company that pretends it’s all about finding people love and long lasting relationships, when in actuality it’s feeding off the desperation of singles. What? Am I wrong? No.

Naturally, says the lawsuit is “absurd,” while they run around trying to find themselves one hell of a badass legal team to fight this case. Yes, $10 million may seem a bit much, but when we’re talking about lives, a jury might think Beckman deserves that and then some.

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FoxNews5 via Gawker