pinterest weddingThis story is so amazingly cute and is a much better use of Pinterest than what I use my own Pinterest boards for, which is for pinning recipes I will never make and home decoration ideas I will never do. Also, puppies and kittens!

Motivational speaker Ryan Leak overheard his girlfriend telling one of her friends how she would love to get engaged and married – all in the same day. So he did what any amazing boyfriend would do, which is stalk her Pinterest boards to see the type of wedding she would like, and sneakily flew her into Miami under the guise that they would be helping some friends move. He popped the question, surprised her with all of her friends and family hiding in the airport lounge holding up signs that asked “Today?” and they had a ceremony at the registry office and then went on to their reception. He even chose her dress from her Pinterest boards and arranged for her hairstylist to be flown in to get her ready. His bride Amanda, was totally surprised and said that “one day my friend and I were talking about wedding planning and I thought about how cool it would be to get married and engaged on the same day.”

Her comments to the Daily Mail:

‘I didn’t think through all of the details of how that would work, so I completely bypassed the fact that the groom would have to plan the entire wedding, I just pictured the day and thought how much fun it would be.

‘I remember ending that conversation with my friend saying “I don’t think that would ever happen, but it would be really cool”.

To up the cuteness factor of this couple even MORE, Ryan asked for their guests to give to the charity A21, which fights sex trafficking around the world. How nice are they? Here is a quite long video about their special day:

[youtube_iframe id=”vqgRaZIRHRI”]
Because I’m an old married woman and not planning a wedding, I need to start pinning things in case my husband ever wants to surprise me with a dream day of my own. Here are some ideas from Pinterest of what I would like:

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