Remember when Deep Blue (the computer) beat Garry Kasparov at chess and people flew into an uproar about how machines were going to take over the world? I remember a cartoon – Peanuts? Doonesbury? Could have been anything – in which a computer stood in front of a little girl and claimed that anything man could do, it could do better (I guess the computer was kind of an asshole for no reason, I guess it had that chip). The little girl replied “hug me.” Seemingly, that little girl grew up, and is now trying to talk dirty to her phone – an iPhone 4S with the SIRI personal assitant app. The founder of Areusirious tells us:

“My latest guilty pleasure is talking smack to my SIRI iphone assistant. I did this for about two hours, and created a site and app for the hilarious responses from SIRI.”

She tries to get SIRI to go out and look for douchebags with her. It doesn’t work! Because we’re still beating technology when it comes to the basest desires of all! Man over machine when it comes to doing irrational human things! Winning on a deeper level than Deep Blue!

Check out the website and all the repsponses at Areusirious.