If there’s one thing that conservative-leaning men love, it’s stifling all of their weird sexual urges until they can unleash them all directly into the cleavage of a sex worker.

So when the Republican National Convention hits Tampa at the end of August, in addition to a loud and proud upholding of family values, a recommitment to Jesus or two and a denunciation of other people’s sexual preferences, there will also be a mass unloading of fetishes at local strip clubs.

And no one is more aware of that than the strip clubs themselves. According to a report by Tampa Bay Online, club owners have been gearing up for Republican’s dirty little secrets to rain down on their dancers in the form of dollar bills:

[mgnetwork id=”9f41a92a23b110308fb5001ec92a4a0d”]

Pretty genius, huh? My favorite is the girl who notes that with the advent of online strip clubs, she can keep making money off these hypocrites politicians long after they leave.