After seeing Jesse James’ rumored mistress – Michelle “Bombshell” McGee – we found ourselves wondering what it is about tattoo models that’s seductive enough to make someone cheat on Sandra Bullock. We’re guessing it wasn’t Michelle’s neo-Nazi affiliations. So we checked in with two of our favorite tattoo models to find out more about their unique brand of heavily inked sex appeal (it’s all about confidence, eye contact, and thigh highs).

Meet Sara Blake, aka ZSO

How did you get into tattoo modeling?
I’ve always been into art and experimenting with visual language. When I started learning about design and photography, I was pretty much just a guinea pig for arty friends. As I got older and started getting tattooed more, I also started getting approached more about modeling for various projects. In real life I work in design, so it’s always fun for me to make images in ways I don’t normally at my job. It’s also a crash course to learn about yourself, how you are perceived, and how others perceive you. There’s usually a pretty big disconnect!

Where have you been featured?
Inked Magazine, Yen Magazine, Tattoo Arte Spain, Tattoo Arte Magazine, Suicide Girls Mag, and various fine art books and gallery works

Do you think an abundance of tattoos is a turn off for some guys?
It definitely is for some guys. Sometimes just plain, undecorated soft skin is the greatest turn on of all. It’s about balance of negative and positive space, and fitting a composition that is right for your body. That’s Design 101, but ultimately it all comes down to personal taste in the end. Male friends of mine have told me not to tattoo my hands or neck, for instance (of course I didn’t listen). Personally, I think girls with neck and hand tattoos look incredibly hot. Hey, so what if a guy doesn’t like it. It’s about how you wear it. A girl who is comfortable in her skin, whatever that may be, is the sexiest of all, and I don’t know any guys that can argue with that.

What makes tattoo models so sexy?
You know, I honestly can’t answer that, nor do I know why I’ve gotten so many tattoos. I think it’s something really primal for me. The more I get covered, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin, and I guess I relate to that in other people. Obsession, extremes, addiction, and passion for something dangerous and painful is really sexy. I’m a bit masochistic maybe.

If someone were to get a tattoo, what should it be, and where should they position it for maximum sex appeal?

Sorry, there’s no answer to this. To each his own!

What’s your best seduction tip?: Smile, take risks, be true to who you are, leave things to the imagination, and most importantly—thigh highs.

And Bella Vendetta ( ….

How did you get into tattoo modeling? I started fashion modeling when I was in high school and had no tattoos.  But I always knew I WANTED tattoos.  When I started getting ink I didn’t realize how negatively it would affect my modeling, and a lot of companies didn’t want to hire me.  So I started posing for people who were specifically looking for tattooed models.

Where have you been featured? Most recently I was featured in Bizarre Magazine’s book “Girls.”  I’m also in the Burning Angel Book, the book “Route 22”, “48 Unrated” “Body Art” and “Suspended in time”  I’ve been in Xtreme magazine multiple times, The Meatsocket, Heeb magazine, Lollipop magazine, Tattoo and Piercing magazine, Tattoo Teasers and Tabu Tattoo.  You also might have seen me on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball or on the National Geographic Channel.  I’m also ALL over the web but you can find the most content of me on my own site:

Why you think tattoo models are so sexy?
I think anyone who does what they want with their own body, despite society’s norms is sexy.  Women who are confident with their body and showing off their art are very sexy to me.

Do you think an abundance of tattoos is a turn off for some guys?
Sometimes even one tattoo is a turn off to guys.  But yes, a lot of guys like one or two tattoos on a women, but if they have a lot of coverage it’s a turn off.  But, then again, blonde hair is a turn off for some guys.  I say do what you feel, and there’s bound to be someone out there who likes what they see!  I certainly DID NOT get my tattoos as a way to turn anyone on.  I got them for my own personal reasons.  Some guys are going to love them, some hate them.  Personally, I’m not interested in anyone who’s close minded enough to dislike someone because of their personal body art choices.

If someone were to get one tattoo, what would you recommend for maximum sex appeal?
That’s something you have to decide for yourself!  Think about it long and hard because it will be with you for the rest of your life.  But remember, they are addictive so pick something you might be able to add on to one day!

What’s your best seduction tip? My seduction tip should be common knowledge but most women forget the power it holds.  EYE CONTACT!  Men are turned on by confidence, so make sure you have good posture, can speak in a voice above a whisper and above all: make eye contact!  It’ll give him a chance to see how pretty your eyes are, and give you a chance to see if his are pretty too!  When he’s talking or telling a story be sure to look in his eyes.  It’ll at once make him nervous, and curious, and turned on.