Taylor Swift Shrug GIF(Via Tumblr)

When the dating rumors about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris started swirling a couple of weeks ago after Taylor went to his concert in Las Vegas, you probably thought that you’d wait to see if there were photos of the two of them together to believe it. Well, there are now photos. Taylor and Calvin were spotted together at Whole Foods in Nashville and Twitter users were able to get photos of the possible couple. And Taylor and Calvin were wearing matching outfits, so that is a definite sign that they are together, right?

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Taylor and Calvin were photographed food shopping together. They were wearing gray shirts which were the exact same color and black bottoms. Taylor opted for a flippy skirt while Calvin stuck with pants.

Taylor Swift Calvin Harirs Whole Foods Fan

In another photo, they are seen walking together outside after leaving the store. Taylor Swift Calvin Harirs Walking Nashville

What do you think? Are they together or did they just happen to run into each other while doing grocery shopping and decided to have dinner together? A lot of people are hoping they are dating because they make one hot couple. Plus, they would give Beyonce and Jay Z competition for cutest musician couple. We’ll hold off thinking of a suitable nickname for now but if they are spotted in another random spot wearing coordinating outfits, we can start brainstorming.

(Photos: Twitter)