taylor swift conor kennedy ethel
Seriously, this defender surprises me every time I read anything in reference to Taylor Swift dating Conor Kennedy.

Ethel Kennedy. Ethel Kennedy (the widow of Bobby Kennedy) thinks Taylor Swift, who is supposedly dating her grandson Conor, is fantastic. When I think of the Kennedys I think of old-time, reserved American royalty. When I think of Taylor Swift I often think of someone who shares in too much detail about her love life (to be fair, we all have, everyone has, we live in an age where we share everything). And I would think the Kennedy’s would hate that. But I guess Ethel Kennedy sees someone who is… game to go sailing? After Taylor purchased real estate opposite the Kennedy Compound in Cape Cod. Far from being just pleasant and polite about her Grandson’s girlfriend moving in next door, Ethel Kennedy raved, and told Entertainment Tonight.

“She is spectacular, she is sensational, she is very kind, and you know what she really is game. She had never sailed before, she sailed. …She played everything else everyone else was playing and she was giving it no fuss and [I’m] happy that we’ll be neighbors, I’m thrilled.”

Weird. I’ve come to three possible conclusions on this. 1) Taylor Swift is a more delightful person than I expected 2) The Kennedys are warmer and more delightful than I expected or 3) Taylor Swift has pictures of Ethel Kennedy making out with a horse.