Let’s just take a moment and watch Taylor Swift‘s 2013 Grammys performance, and sort of take a second to just take it all in, and then recoil, a little bit.


Why did we recoil? Let’s count that way.

1) It seems like this is no normal circus she is the MC of. This is apparently the circus  every scary circus figure from horror movies escaped from. The zombie circus.

2) Why are even the scary clowns fleeing from Taylor Swift? This is like a child’s Halloween nightmare.

3) The rabbit hovering around her seems pretty hallucinatory, like something from Donnie Darko or Harvey.

4) Isn’t it weird how we’re going to have to be nice to Taylor Swift forever because of that whole “Imma Let You Finish” speech Kanye gave? Her performances at the Grammys are going to get weirder and weirder, and after each, whoever is hosting the Grammys will talk about how great she is. By 2017 she will eat the still beating heart of one of her former lover’s onstage, and everyone in the audience will opera clap.

5) Using a fake stupid voice on your exes is always in bad taste, right? We still feel that way? As people?

6) Isn’t Harry Styles right there in the audience? Like, literally right there in front of her?