Okay, let me admit something I’m a bit completely ashamed of: I’m (sigh) somewhat jealous of Taylor Swift‘s dating life. Not because I find her ex-boyfriends appealing–on the contrary, many epitomize what I hate in a partner–but because the idea of getting to meet nearly anybody you want and, if they dig you enough, probably wind up dating because you’re both attractive and famous sounds fantastic. Granted, I would opt for a, um, different type of celebrity (seriously, H. Jon, call me), but nevertheless, it’s still a pretty wonderful prospect, and also why I don’t judge Swift on the whole “dating 2938 people a year” thing.

Swift told Cosmopolitan UK that dating is still unfamiliar territory for her: “I don’t know how to make relationships last. I’ve never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that’s like. Wish me luck for the future!”

I think it’s great that she’s (A) admittedly not super great at making relationships last and (B) not acting like that’s a negative thing. Tons of people don’t know how maintain theirs, and that’s perfectly all right.

She also stated that she didn’t discriminate who she dates (though I wouldn’t necessarily agree): “I really don’t have any rules about dating when it comes to height, age, career choice, anything like that. It doesn’t matter. It’s really more about strength of character. When it comes to age I’ve been all over the map!” Perhaps she hasn’t noticed that nearly everyone she’s dated is a moderately tall, standardly good-looking famous person, but then again, maybe celebrities actually believe other celebrities are “normal.” But I digress.

I, for one, am a huge proponent of dating lots of people to figure out what you enjoy. Getting to know several partners–and several kinds of people–can help you get to know yourself. While I think it’s important to separate “having partners” with “relying on partners,” since many serial daters (ex.: me) tend to rely too heavily on theirs and have a difficult time maintaining confidence because of it, there’s still something wonderful about trying new things with new people; it doesn’t have to be serious every time you start seeing somebody.

I imagine being a celebrity is somewhat like middle school: if you hold hands, people start chanting your names followed by “k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” And since every tabloid ever will then speculate on when you’ll be getting married and pregnant, I’d guess my analogy isn’t far off.

Photo: Andres Otero/WENN.com