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It’s a hard job sticking up for Taylor Swift on a regular basis, since her public displays of emotion and constant attention from the media make her an easy target for ridicule. No one is obligated to like her– and she’s given plenty of people legitimate reasons to criticize things she’s said— but I am staunchly Team Taylor. She gives more money to charity than any other celebrity, she’s never publicly said anything racist or horrible (which is more than a lot of beloved stars can say), and she handles being the butt of jokes graciously. That’s why I’m really irritated by this Us Weekly article about her relationship with Selena Gomez.

The article, which quotes only anonymous “sources,” makes the claim that Taylor has ended her friendship with Selena because she’s “disgusted” by the Jelena reunion. Uh, okay. Here are my thoughts on that one:

  • Everyone with eyes is disgusted by the Jelena reunion. Justin Bieber isn’t exactly someone I’d want my friends to be intimate with at this point in time.
  • There is absolutely no evidence that Taylor and Selena are no longer friends, other than the fact that Taylor has lots of other friends as well. So she can’t possibly… maintain all of those relationships at once? I’m so confused.
  • One of the friends they cite as being responsible for the Taylor/Selena downfall is Lorde, who’s an outspoken feminist, and who changed her negative opinion of Taylor after getting to know her. Sounds like T Swift must be a woman-hating monster.
  • The article is so determined to create a fictional girl-on-girl feud that it doesn’t even consider the possibility that Taylor could be doing the right thing by being unsupportive of her friend’s obviously toxic relationship.
  • If you’ve ever tried to tell a friend that her significant other was bad for her, you know how hard it can be to get that message through, and you know how frustrating it is to see her run back to him time and again. If Taylor really is cutting Selena off right now, I’m willing to bet it’s tough love– not a cat fight.

I’m not saying that Taylor Swift should be immune to criticism just because I like her, but the way the media tries to make her look petty for having emotions is just straight-up sexist and mean. This is a person who’s proven over and over again that she cares about other women, and it’s so disappointing to see her relationships reduced to sensationalistic clickbait.

Via Us Weekly / Photo: Getty images