If you use your phone the way everyone in our generation uses phones, chances are good that you have gotten a response from a person who was having sex when he or she replied to you. We’re sorry. We think it’s disgusting too, but texting during sex is a thing that people are doing now, because people were evidently raised in barns.

That’s not fair, we shouldn’t blame the parents. Parents have a tough enough job without having to find a good way to say, “Now sweetie, condoms are important and always be safe. And while we’re at it, it is rude to send a text or check Facebook when you are boning some hottie you met at the bar.” But maybe we should start adding phone etiquette to sex ed classes, because Jezebel says that a survey of people in the U.K. recently revealed that fifteen percent of people checked their phones or sent text messages mid-coitus, and that number was even higher in urban areas.

Five percent of respondents even said they checked Facebook during sex, because apparently seeing what Game of Thrones character your Uncle Fred would be just can’t wait 20 minutes.

We hate it when people check their phones at the dinner table, so we think we can all agree that texting during sex is completely unacceptable. It is rude to both the person you are with and the person on the other end of the phone. When having sex, it is polite to at least pretend to be giving one’s partner one’s undivided attention. And when we text you, we always sort of hope that you are not face-deep in your partner’s crotch when you reply. So for our own piece of mind, if we text you while you are in the middle of sex, just wait to text us back when you’re free. Seriously, it’s not that urgent. Go ahead and finish up, we’ll wait.

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