Gasp! What date is it?

So you rack your brain for the current date as well as the last time you had your period to try to figure out what the hell happened. And you’re racking and racking, and flipping through the calendar on your phone trying to remember if you were bleeding at that event or this event, and you’re slowly driving yourself crazy with what could be going on in your body. When was the last time you had sex? Did the condom break? Have I been taking my pill on time? Why don’t I have more chocolate in this fridge?

We’ve all been there where we’ve had a scare and ended up beating ourselves up over it until the day when our period just decides to finally grace us with its appearance. Even if I haven’t had sex in months and my period is late, my brain starts swirling with the most ridiculous possibilities to explain for the lateness.  Although in my head things get really shady when it comes to fear, I kept these “things” on the sane side.

Photo: Deviant Art