But… the uterus can shut down things if it doesn’t want them! Wait. That’s not actually logic. And the United Nations knows that, which is why they just declared birth control a human right.

From Buzzfeed Shift:

“Recent statistics show that 867 million women of childbearing age in developing countries have a need for modern contraceptives. Of that total, 645 million have access to them. But a staggering 222 million still do not. This is inexcusable. Family planning is a human right. It must therefore be available to all who want it. But clearly this right has not yet been extended to all, especially in the poorest countries.”

222 million. That does seem absolutely shocking, doesn’t it?

They’ve also found that access to contraceptives can hinder a country’s economic growth, which, well, of course it can.Especially because, as you can tell from this chart, 82% of unintended pregnancies in developing country are caused by lack of access to contraception.

unintendend pregnancies contraception

So, good that the U.N. is on this. Also, remember when the GOP thought that people were giving abortions to women who weren’t even pregnant? Hahahaha, oh, thank God the election is over. Now we can get to work on getting proper contraceptives out to the people who need them, here and abroad.

Picture via Buzzfeed Shift