Anthony Weiner Holds Press Conference As New Sexting Evidence Emerges

Lady, pull yourself together. At what point did you think your illicit sexting relationship with a man famous for showing strange women his genitals was going to get really, really classy?

Obviously, you’re entitled to feel whatever feelings you want after a relationship ends. Feelings are not rational all of the time. So it’s not as though I don’t believe Sydney Leathers, the young woman who sexted with Antony Weiner when she says, “It literally disgusts me. It makes me feel physically ill. I’m disgusted by him. He’s not who I thought he was.”

Again, he was someone who was known for sending pictures of his genitals to young women he had not met. You were a young woman he had not met.This should not be THAT shocking. This was not a situation where you were just talking to say, Barack Obama, and suddenly he exclaimed: 

“so I walk into a hotel room and you are naked on the end of the bed. Naked except for some amazing fuckme shoes. Your legs are spread. Your feet are flat on the ground you are leaning slightly forward. Looking completely in charge.”

She how you can’t even imagine Obama saying that, but you can imagine Weiner doing so, because we have all read about him saying things like that on multiple occasions.

Honestly, this really just ties back to the fact that being anyone’s mistress is just not that fun. Sordid relationships with married men tend to be kind of sordid. Especially if they are someone who is mostly known for that.

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