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An Indian swami named Swami Nithyananda has apparently violated the strict rules relating to tantric sex. The awesomely nicknamed “Sex Swami” is currently in jail awaiting trial.

“Only a house holder is entitled for tantric sex. Claiming to be a monk and using so many people for one’s pleasure is unpardonable,” Ravi Shankar said.

“He should have had one partner and announced himself as a tantric guru. It has caused damage to the faith of people in the institution and traumatised many.”

This article doesn’t totally make sense to me (I’m clearly missing a previous story that explains more), but really, all I need to know is that there are strict laws regarding proper tantric-sex having. I mean, it makes total sense if you think about it. Sting loves rules! And if you’re supposed to fuck for five hours without chafing, there should be rules in place.