ashley dupre

I remember a lot of things that don’t really exist anymore. I remember when cars had lighters in them, because you might need to light your cigarette (it was this weird heated coil thing? I can’t describe it, really). I remember listening to things on tapes. I remember VCRs, which frankly I kind of miss. I remember when you could go into someone’s room and judge them on the basis of the CDs they had in there. And I still remember when there used to be sex workers around Times Square. For real.

Then they all went to Craigslist. And then they were kicked off Craigslist, and supposedly went to the Backpages. And now there is a Facebook like service for them.

Business Insider claims that:

Now a site called Slixa is trying to harness the power of social media for the world’s oldest profession.

The site functions as a localized directory of escorts, erotic masseuses, dominatrixes, fetish workers, and the like. Each one maintains her own personalized profile page of autobiographical information, pictures, and rules on how customers should behave.

And it’s basically just like facebook. They note that:

It’s got a clean, modern design. It’s incredibly intuitive to use. And it doesn’t look anything like the cheap-looking text-only ads of, where many escorts migrated after CraigsList banned hookers.

You can also follow your favorite entertainer for sexy updates, which sound more appealing than the videos of dogs that people are always putting on their Facebook updates.

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