And the love park is amazing. It’s basically just naked statues cavorting in various erotic poses. The one above, where some naked as a jaybird statue is just innocently holding hands with a tourist, is one of the tamer ones.

According to RocketNews:

Known as Jeju Loveland, since 2004 it’s been an al fresco sculpture park full of large phalluses and labia. There are 140 sculptures of sex positions (that’s more than in the Kama Sutra!) Not only a celebration of sex, love and art, it’s also educational. It features some very hands-on exhibits, including a “masturbation-cycle”. Experiencing these bizarre delights may help us to a deeper understanding of “the mystery of life”.

They note that it probably helps to have a sense of humor. You can check out a video of the park here, which is pretty much amazing, and people cavorting in positions that look frankly uncomfortable.

Basically, it seems like a place where you can run through a variety of statues posing in a hilarious fashion. I am surprised no one has thought to set up something similar in Las Vegas, because that seems like a place that is crying out for photo opportunities and erotic poses with shiny statues that look like robots.

I do feel they missed some opportunities, like, for instance, with dinosaurs. And actual robots. And a lot of other terrifying creatures that really could have added an effective sense of scale and grandeur to this absolutely insane place they’ve crafted out. But, I guess this comes close enough.

Picture via amazing Loveland Video