It’s awful when men want to hold you after sex, right? Here! Finally something you can toss at them as you run like a jack-rabbit out of their apartment.

It’s the booty pillow, and it’s almost like having the soft, cushion-y flesh of another human being in bed with you. (I say this as someone who has been known to embrace the “three pillows in humanoid shape” technique, so I really have no right to judge). The creators claim:

Some guys actually DO like to cuddle.  Maybe not in the traditional big spoon/little spoon way, but we do like the comfort of being close to a lady.  In fact myself and another guy friend of mine like being close to lady friends so much that we created the Booty Pillow to fulfill our comfort needs when they are away.  The Booty Pillow is meant to look like and replicate the feel of laying on a woman’s backside and the small of her back.

And then they crush that cheetah skinned lady with their bulk! No, honestly, I think the notion of men being desperate for a cuddle is kind of sweet. Sweet and really, really sad. But again, three pillows all propped up. Not judging that much.

You can buy your booty pillow for tossing tauntingly at your latest conquests here. Let those foolish men you used for sex imagine what it would be like if only you would hold them. It would be all cheetah-y.