If ever you’ve wanted revenge on a cheater, now may be your moment in the sun. A new website called Cheaterville.com allows users to post the photo of a person that done them wrong, along with a little write-up of exactly what they did. Here’s an excerpt:

Dirty Dugout Dana is her name and screwing every baseball player on the team is her game.I met her after one of my college baseball games at like this parking lot keg party.Not your typical tramp but just as bad as the rest.

This is like a modern-day tarring and feathering. While it’s not all that surprising that the site exists — I mean, there’s a reality show along the same lines, it was just a matter of time — this seems somehow a little worse. We all know by now that whatever the internets says about us affects whether we get jobs, who we can date and how other people will forever know us. So doesn’t it seem a little dangerous to have a site where anyone with any remotely vengeful intentions can post about you and your cheating ways?

What do you think? Is Cheaterville.com a fair comeuppance for cheating scoundrels, or a total overstepping of internet bounds?