If you’ve ever felt frustrated by your inability to “find” and correctly operate your G-spot, feel vindicated. According to a new study performed by researchers at Yale-New Haven hospital, there’s no such thing. “Without a doubt, a discreet anatomic entity called the G-spot does not exist,” Dr. Amichai Kilchevsky, lead author of the review, told My Health News Daily. A comprehensive review of surveys, biopsies, ultrasounds and nerve studies did not reveal the discrete “spot” previous researchers had led us to believe was there. (Dr. Grafenberg, for whom the G-spot was named, first posited its existence back in 1950).

This does not, however, mean that there’s nothing going on in that particular area of the vagina, as many sexually active women would attest. It’s just not what you thought it was. As it turns out, the clitoris is much larger than most people think, and contains nerves that wrap around the vagina’s internal walls in a loving, sensual hug. So when you think your g-spot is being stimulated, that’s really just the hug working its mojo. It feels different from external stimulation because it’s a different part of the clitoris. It’s also possible to stimulate the urethra and Skene’s gland this way, which can serve as part of the “clitoral complex” for women, playing a role in both orgasm and that rare-but-awesome sex act, female ejaculation.

The study also suggests that rather than being a discrete spot, it’s more like a “g-area” that contains “a convergence of many different structures.” It’s cool, if a tiny bit embarrassing, that we finally know these things about our bodies after some 60(!) years of ostensibly smart scientists being totally baffled by them. But if you’ve developed a certain technique with the mythical G-spot in mind and it’s giving you mind-blowing orgasms, you should by all means keep using it.

(Via MyHealthNewsDaily)