Recently, Lemondrop wrote a post about whether you should tell your partner how many people you’ve had sex with. Not only is the answer to that question “No,” there are many other things that you should tell your partner instead.

  • Whether you’ve have or had any STDs. This one should go without saying.
  • What kind of contraception you’re using or would prefer to use. I use the NuvaRing, so I often have to explain to guys what it is. Since they can feel and notice it during sex, a little context goes a long way. Also, if he is about to pull out a condom, this is a good time to mention your latex allergy.
  • If you’ve ever been sexually assaulted. No, I wouldn’t mention it within five minutes of meeting someone new, but if you have any issues like that in your past, it’s really important for a new partner to know.
  • What turns you on. Communication is sexy, and it also helps you get what you want.
  • How hot they are in bed. Seriously – who doesn’t appreciate a compliment for a job well done?