I haven’t even been alive for 35 years. I don’t think I can fully appreciate the adorableness of a couple who has been matching their clothes for this long, because I haven’t even experienced was 35 years feels like. I’m almost a decade short!

So Mel and Joey Schwanke, from Fremont, Nebraska, have been married for almost 65 years. Somewhere around the 30 year mark, they aren’t actually sure when, they decided that their clothes ought to match. No, they didn’t go all twinsies with matching jogging suits. The head of style decisions for the couple, Mel, decided to have special outfits made so that her husband’s tie always matched her dress.

Now, this lovely couple has 146 custom-made matching ensembles. Oh, and also the hearts of the whole country. Because who can’t look at this couple and not want to suddenly start rescuing baby animals just so you can pet them?

Honestly, I freak out when I have to find something for my husband and I to wear in a family picture.

If you would like, you can head over to Yahoo and check out some video of this achingly sweet couple. But the various clothes don’t really seem to matter, do they? Let’s all think about the commitment it takes to never stray from your 146 custom-made matching outfits for literally decades and just smile in appreciation. Let’s just be happy that people like the Schwanke’s exist to remind us all that eternal love and happiness and complete adorableness are possible.