What with all the various permutations of “dating” that exist in these modern times, it can sometimes be tough to navigate the social cues and obligations we’re bombarded with during the holiday season. It’s tough enough to parse which of the people in you’re life you’re supposed to get gifts for without the added layer of sex and/or dating. Choose wrong, and you could utterly weird someone out, and then you’ll have to begin your winter boyfriend hunt all over again. You don’t have time for that! He should be locked in your room, napping peacefully on his pallet of hay by now.

In an effort to help you trap a winter bf, the nice folks at dating site How About We have made this handy flowchart to help you figure out when, exactly, it’s appropriate to get someone a holiday present. I appreciate that it’s gender neutral. I also appreciate the line “get them a nice, thoughtful gift, like a book or something,” because “a book or something” is totally the most thoughtful gift you can buy. Click here to see the chart in all its full-sized glory.

(Via HowAboutWe)

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