When women say that they want a lot of carats for their engagement, generally they are thinking of  jewelry rather than produce. But some clever man gave the notion a twist, and proposed to his girlfriend with a sea of 47 friends in carrot costumes standing behind him.

The epic proposal took place at a mall in Qingdao, Shandong Province (so, yes, we get that since the proposal likely happened in Chinese, this was not an actual pun on the word “carat”). Soon-to-be-groom Pang Kun slipped away from his girlfriend Xhao Xinyu under the guise of using the bathroom. He then showed back up hidden behind a carrot costume, and began his popping of the question by telling his lady how fondly he remembered their courtship. According to Orange News:

“Six months ago, I met you. I still remember your shyness on our first date, my longing for the next date and my excitement when I first held your hand at the cinema,” he began.

He said that he chose carrots because Xinyu loves the color orange.