As we all know by now, the good women of XOJane are birth control challenged.

As if on cue, a piece has been circulating the internet today about a gold necklace made by Tiffany’s that bears a striking resemblance to a round pink pill container (Refinery 29 was the first to point out the similarity). Is it just us, or would this make the perfect gift for XOJane writer Cat Marnell? It at once says, “you are worth splurging on,” and, “don’t forget your fucking birth control, you idiot.”

After all, what better way to remind yourself that you deserve more than abortions as your first line of defense against unplanned pregnancies, STDs, and taking risks not just with your health but with your life (and also, that your readers deserve more than you writing about it like it’s a joke) than wearing a gold pendant that looks like a pack of estrogen?

There is no better way, that’s what.