It’s a day. The internet is up in arms about something. But this time, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

This time it’s Simple Pickup‘s “social experiment” involving an attractive girl wearing an extreme fat suit and going on Tinder dates. HuffPo called it “shocking,” ABC7 declared it “revealing,” Cosmo went with “horrifying.” Other adjectives include “challenging,” “horrible” and “depressing.” What the hell are we talking about here people?

I hate even sharing it, but I feel I must to give you the full effect:

[youtube_iframe id=”2alnVIj1Jf8″]

There are so many factors that ensure this video reveals absolutely nothing about anything. For starters, what is shocking about the fact that people judge people who are obese? (Which brings me to another point: they made her not just overweight, but obese.) People are horrible. People on Tinder are notoriously horrible. It is difficult to be obese. We all know it. There is nothing surprising here.

Second, how many times do we have to play this fat suit game before we realize that a skinny girl putting on a fat suit for one day is the definition of oversimplifying an issue. This is not investigative journalism, and it’s not an “expose.” It’s a twisted game played for entertainment, not empathy. If you genuinely want to empathize with and understand what it’s like to online date or date in general as an obese person, go talk to one.

Let’s talk about the actual “experiment” for a second. It’s not built on the premise of being an overweight woman on Tinder, it’s built on the premise of being an overweight woman who lies about it on Tinder. This is a fundamental problem. Here’s a idea: Don’t egregiously lie on online dating sites. If you claim to be something you’re not—whether it’s something physical, lying about your interests, or claiming to be a different religion—and the person is displeased when you turn out to not be that thing you claimed to be, you don’t get to be upset about it.


And the mother of all reasons to despise this video: Is anyone paying attention to who created it? Simple Pickup? Simple effing Pickup? You want to talk about “horrifying” and “depressing”? This a group of assholes who make a sport out of getting girls’ numbers and making out with strangers using various truly horrifying tactics, including offering her a used tampon, claiming to have been on To Catch a Predator, telling strangers, “you like to have your face jizzed on,” asking if a girl’s boobs are real, straight up grabbing girls’ boobs, talking about the length of their penises, and asking other wildly offensive sex-related questions I can’t even bring myself write. Incidentally, many of these tactics are also known as sexual harassment!

These are the people behind a video that we’re getting all high-and-mighty about. You want something to get up in arms about? Let’s get up in arms about how these guys demean and harass women to get YouTube famous, and now we’re going to bat for their half-baked “expose” that reveals nothing.

So if you’re going to share this, do it to point out how inane these guys are when it comes to respecting women, but don’t do it under the guise of, “It’s hard to be fat.”