When it comes to new romantic prospects, is it okay to Google? On a whim, I began “Googling” my date from the other night. I tried putting on the brakes but I couldn’t help perusing the first page that popped up after typing in his name. I felt bad, but when information that could be valuable to learning about a new beau is literally at your fingertips, why not access it? My logic behind this stems from once having an insane urge to Google a former flame. So I followed my gut and I uncovered some SUPER juicy/terrible/shocking info about him. I won’t go into detail about said issues, but it was enough to send me packing.

So, should gals Google as a safety measure? Or is it intrusive and misleading?

On one hand it can save you heartache and offer clarification. On the other hand, you’re not fully trusting of the person and are a tad paranoid, maybe you can unravel some useful facts.  If a new flame has nothing to hide, what would the harm be in just a little internet access?

I’m all for it. Just a quick check to see if your guy isn’t a creepy ex-pornstar or married or whoknowswhat. We’re not talking about trying to search for EVERYTHING about him on his Twitter, Facebook and business profiles like a maniac, but just a teeny, tiny, two second peek via Google.

So back to the recent guy- the Googling actually helped. I found his Linkedin profile and was super impressed by his fantastic resume. Not to mention  cute videos of him in his old university’s choir. His set of pipes are damn sexy. I found out more about him, and became a bit fonder of him for it.

 I just wonder now what guys think if they Google me. Eep . . .