toilet dating

Novelty seems to be key when creating a dating facilitation business. Speed dating used to be a novel way to meet people, but now it’s such a hoary old chestnut that it needs to be constantly modified into silent speed dating, geek speed dating, thin speed dating, and now even toilet speed dating.

Yes, someone with a company-creating Mad Libs has actually invented “toilet dating.” But it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

According to the Daily Mail, the concept is basically a pub crawl, and I’m always in favor of those. But between the drinks, which are promised to be copious, groups of single people are taken on a tour of London’s public restrooms so they can get to know each other better while sidestepping garbage, unspeakable bathroom horrors, and other drunk people.

Single men and women are led on a bar crawl around London’s Westminster with stops at toilets of historical note along the way.

As well as loo puns galore, the evening contains tips and tricks for locating free public loos in London, the history of the lavatory from pre-Roman times to the present, and facts about the politics surrounding the public toilet.

On the face of it, toilet dating sounds like the worst idea ever. But here are five reasons it might actually be great:

1. The public toilet tour through London is not even remotely romantic, but that can take some of the pressure off and just let everyone be their most drunk and awkwardly giggling selves. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d certainly predict better results for myself that way than if I had to sit in front of a stranger and act seductive while inwardly panicking about talking too loudly, laughing at the wrong moments, and probably having my dress tucked into my Spanx the whole night.

2. If the date doesn’t go well you can probably get some editor to buy your story called, “The Toilet Wasn’t the Crappiest Thing About Our Date.”

3. You spent three months in eighth grade teaching yourself to pee standing up but have never had an opportunity to show off that talent to your romantic benefit. Now’s your chance!

4. You are probably not going to meet the type of guys who take themselves too seriously at a Toilet Dating event.

5. You will learn lots of scatalogical puns to share with your nieces and nephews, allowing you to finally get revenge on your siblings for all those times they said it was their turn to sit in the front seat and it was totally yours.


“At worst, the daters will have to indulge in some crap chat,” said a spokesperson for London dating site Doing Something, which organizes the loo tours. “But the experience won’t be one they’ll forget in a hurry.”

It would certainly be memorable. But just imagine hitting it off with someone and then 10 years later having to tell your kid how you met Dad. Ugh. (I recommend just making up something romantic.)

Would you ever try toilet dating, or is that just a step too far?

Via Daily Mail/Image: Shutterstock