risky-businessYou know it’s a slow news day when I’ve decided that it’s time to write about Cher and Tom Cruise. You know it’s an extra slow news day when I’m actually stunned to find out that Cher and Tom Cruise were, like, a couple or whatever, back in the day.

According to the NYPost, Snakkle.com compiled a list of long-forgotten couples; and low and behold, Cher, who’s 16 years older than Cruise, was tapping that in the early stages of his career. At the time of the fling, rendez-vous, or maybe just shopping fest, Cher was 39, and Cruise was a wee 23-year-old who had just enjoyed the success of his film Risky Business. He really was a looker back then, wasn’t he? AND Scientology-free!

The affair was short lived and as Cher explained to Entertainment Tonight in March of 2008:

It was a long, long time ago and neither one of us ever talked about it and I don’t know why. When we were together he was such a private person. He always has been until lately. He didn’t mention it and I didn’t mention it. I loved him though, he was amazing.

Well, thanks, Cher. You just completely ruined my essay yesterday about why dating a younger man is a pain in the ass. Hmph.

Photo: Warner Bros.