Whether you’re at your parents’ house or your partners, nothing says good lovin’ like sneaking around to have sex like you’re back in high school. And, since you’re older than you were in high school, the tryst isn’t punctuated by gangly awkwardness and inexperience. Best of both worlds!

Here are our top five places to sneak off to and get your secret freak on:

  1. An abandoned church: that’s right – right in front of God!
  2. Your old high school parking lot (just like old times).
  3. Parked on the street in front of your hometown ex’s house.
  4. Under the bleachers. Any bleachers.
  5. On a playground. PLEASE be sure there aren’t any children there first. (“But The Gloss told me to!”)

*Bonus Do, for the bold: the bathroom, while the family is home
*Bonus Don’t, for everyone: someone’s parents’ bed. GROSS.