Who says companies that make condoms can’t also make vibrators?

Well…no one! And so that’s exactly what Trojan did. This week the condom-seller extraordinaire released Trojan Vibrations, a line of vibrators and sex toys. The first product out of the gate is called the Tri-Phoria, a vibrator which, according to the website, “boasts eight settings” as well as three different attachments that feel, alternately, like a tongue, firm pressure, and “gentle focused stimulation.”

I have to say that I am both pleased and surprised to see the Wal-Mart of American sex give out advice on its website that rivals Cosmo:

Take turns on each other using the soft silicone flickering tips on nipples, clitoris, penis, outside of the anus and testicles. The soft silicone domed tip is nice for the home stretch when you are ready to heighten your pleasure or experience an orgasm. Use a water-based lubricant with all the tips to make the sensations more intense.

The site even encourages “solo play,” which I can only assume means “masturbation.” !!!